2018 Annual Meeting Proxy Form                  .

Each Homeowner was mailed a Proxy Form and the Informational Letter (below) on March 26, 2018. If for some reason, you did not receive the Annual Meeting Proxy Form, you may download the 2018 Annual Meeting Informational Letter below and print out a new form. Please do not submit more than one Proxy Form for each lot owned as this complicates the tallying of votes during the annual meeting.

                        2018 Board Candidate Form                       .

If you would like to be considered for a position on the Board of Directors please fill out the Notice of Intent to Run for Board Position form. Notices must be received by Specialty Management prior to April 12, 2018. You may download the 2018 Annual Meeting Informational Letter below to print out the Notice of Intent to Run for Board Position form.

            2018 Annual Meeting Informational Letter           .

Click HERE to download the complete Annual Homeowner Meeting Packet

Your Future Property Value Could Depend on Your Next Action
What you do in the next 5 minutes with this letter can have a significant impact on the future value of your home and the amount of your annual HOA dues. The integrity and maintained appearance of the community can be dependent upon actions taken by the Homeowners Association through our Board of Directors. It is important to participate in the election of the 2018 - 2019 Board of Directors as they will:
  • Provide Financial Management and Neighborhood Planning
  • Authorize Common Area Maintenance and Repairs
  • Provide Architectural Change/Improvement Guidance
  • Oversee the Covenants and Rules Enforcement
This Informational Letter is to:
  • Notify you of the Annual Meeting of Homeowners to elect the 2018 - 2019 Board of Directors
  • Explain what a Proxy is, the purpose, and what to do with the completed Proxy Form
  • Define a Quorum
  • Explain the voting rules
Notification of Annual Meeting of Homeowners
The Annual Meeting of Homeowners will be held Thursday, April 19th at 6:30pm. The location of the meeting is the Longwood City Commission Chambers located at 175 West Warren Avenue in downtown Longwood. This letter also serves as notice a Board meeting will immediately follow the Annual Homeowner Meeting.  

What is a Proxy?
A proxy is a signed document that allows you as the homeowner to give another homeowner or a HOA Board member authorization to vote on your behalf if you do not attend the meeting in person. Please, if at all possible, plan to attend the Annual Homeowner Meeting. If that is not possible, then please fill out the Proxy Form.

What do I do with a Proxy Form?
If you will not attend the Annual Homeowner Meeting, please fill out the Proxy Form and mail it back to Specialty Management no later than Friday, April 12, 2018.

What is the purpose of the Proxy Form?
  • To appoint a homeowner to attend the meeting and vote on your behalf if you will not be at the meeting
  • To attain a Quorum
The Homeowner appointed as your Proxy can be: (A) the current HOA President, (B) a current member of the HOA Board, (C) a Longwood Green HOA homeowner in good standing. 

The Proxy is valid until such time as the annual meeting is held with a quorum and then adjourned, or 90 days after the date of the first meeting for which it was given, whichever occurs sooner.

If I miss the deadline to mail the Proxy Form, is there another way to submit it?
Yes, you can complete and sign your Proxy Form and give it to a neighbor or a Board member to bring to the Annual Homeowner Meeting. Any Proxy Form that is incomplete, unsigned or illegible will not be considered valid nor counted.

What happens if more than one Proxy Form is submitted from the same household?
In the rare case of two or more completed signed Proxy Forms submitted from the same address, the one with the latest date will be utilized.

What if I submit a Proxy Form and then decide to come to the Annual Homeowner Meeting?
If you have submitted your Proxy Form but then decide to attend the meeting, your Proxy will be voided and you will be allowed to vote in person at the meeting.

What is a Quorum?
A Quorum is the minimum number of members needed for an organization to conduct business and for any voting to be valid. Florida State Statute Chapter 720 governs HOAs in Florida and with regard to achieving a quorum, subsection 720.306(1)(a) states that “unless a lower number is provided in the bylaws, the percentage of voting interests required to constitute a quorum at a  meeting of the members shall be 30 percent of the total voting interests.” The Quorum for the Longwood Green HOA is thus set at 39 members (out of 127 total lots) as the minimum number of combined proxies and members present for the Annual Homeowner Meeting.

What if we don’t establish a Quorum?
In the event we do not establish a Quorum, the meeting will be adjourned and a new meeting, at the direction of the Board, will be announced no sooner than a minimum of 14 days beyond the adjournment of the July 17th meeting. In order to keep our HOA dues as low as possible, homeowners want to avoid having to reschedule another meeting and the extra costs associated with rescheduling. PLEASE TAKE THE 5 MINUTES IT TAKES TO FILL OUT THE PROXY SO A QUORUM CAN BE REACHED AS IT CAN HELP TO KEEP YOUR ANNUAL HOA DUES LOWER.

Voting rules
  • Each household has one vote
  • Voting members must be in good standing (all dues paid and no pending violations) to be eligible to vote
  • Your “Proxy” is a Homeowner within Longwood Green or Oaks of Longwood Green who you selected on your completed Proxy Form. This “Proxy” will get one ballot for each Homeowner for whom he/she has been named as a Proxy. The "Proxy" will vote on your behalf
  • All members’ votes whether in person or by Proxy will be by secret ballot
  • The candidate(s) receiving the most votes will fill the open position(s) available on the 2018 - 2019 Board of Directors and will serve a three year term
  • The total number votes for each candidate as well as the number of Proxies and members in attendance will be posted on the Longwood Green Homeowners Association website within 48 hours of the Annual Homeowner Meeting
Can non-homeowners vote in the Annual Homeowner Meeting?
If you lease a home in the community or are a guest of a homeowner, you cannot participate in voting. The Longwood Green Covenants state only Homeowners can vote and only one vote per lot is allowed.

Which positions are open on the Board for the 2018-2019 term?
Per Community By-Laws ARTICLE IV - Section 2 directors are elected for three year terms. Ideally, the three year term of each director is staggered by one year relative to one another such that not all director positions expire at the same time. The President and Vice President shall retain their positions this year while the Secretary/Treasurer position is up for election this year therefore one vacancy will be voted upon by homeowners.

What are the responsibilities of Board members?
Board members are responsible for enforcing the association’s governing documents and maintaining the common areas. The Board of Directors are elected by the HOA members and have a duty to these homeowners. Board members have a fiduciary obligation to act in the best interest of the association and its members which goes beyond sound financial responsibility.

Candidate’s Presentation at the Annual Homeowner Meeting
Candidates for the Board of Directors will be asked to make a short presentation (no more than 3 minutes) at the Annual Homeowner Meeting. Once all candidates have had an opportunity to speak, a vote will be taken.

What should I do if I have questions about the Proxy or the Quorum requirements?
Contact Kim Stitt of Specialty Management at 407-647-2622.

            Agenda for Annual Homeowner Meeting            

            1. Call Meeting to Order
            2. Verification of Quorum
            3. Proof of Notice
            4. Welcome Statement 
            5. Review and Approval of Previous Annual Meeting Minutes
            6. Annual Update from Board and Management
            7. Homeowner Issues and Concerns
            8. Election of Directors
              1. Nominations from the Floor
              2. Hold Vote and Tally Ballots
              3. Introduce New Board of Directors
            9. Adjournment 

              Agenda for Monthly Board Meeting                
            1. Call Meeting to Order
            2. Verification of Quorum
            3. Proof of Notice
            4. Election of the Officer Positions
            5. Appointment of Committee Members
            6. Review and Approval of previous Board of Directors Meeting Minutes
            7. Status and Incident Report
            8. Old and New Business
            9. Adjournment