Architectural Review Board

 for Longwood Green HOA


The Architectural Review Board (ARB) consists of volunteer homeowners whose purpose is to review improvements lot owners would like to make to their properties. They ensure the neighborhood has a consistent look in accordance with our Covenants and By-Laws. The purpose of these standards is to foster and maintain the best possible living environment for the well-being of all homeowners and protect property valuesAll new structures and modifications to existing structures must have the signed/written approval of a majority (three signatures) of the members of the ARB prior to the start of proposed project.

HOA Covenant 8.17 - Architectural Control

No building, fence, pool or other structure shall be erected, placed or altered on any building lot until a complete set of building plans and specification have been submitted to the Declarant, its successors and/or assigns, and the same approved in writing, evidencing that said building and/or structure complies in all respects with these restrictions, reservations and conditions and that said building or other structure is in conformity and harmony not only with respect to the topography and ground elevations but also with the architectural design of completed or proposed structure on other lots in the subdivision. See Article VI hereinabove with respect to Architectural Control.

Homeowners are not authorized to make exterior improvements beyond what is specifically described and approved on the ARB application even with a City issued permit. Expanding the scope of the improvement, changing the type of materials or colors described voids the ARB approval.

Making certain improvements to the exterior of your home or exterior areas of your lot without ARB approval may result in administrative fines and/or legal action. The Longwood Green Homeowners Association may require you to undo any unapproved changes you make to the exterior areas of your home. Longwood Green to include the Oaks of Longwood Green is a deed restricted community. This means all homeowners within this community are legally bound by the Covenants and By-Laws of the Longwood Green Homeowners Association. Florida Statutes provide authority to this Homeowners Association to enforce the Covenants and By-Laws.

Please familiarize yourself with the ARB process and required documentation as failure to do so could result in delay of approval of your project. Examples of improvements that require ARB approval include but are not limited to: fences, retaining walls, significant landscaping modifications including tree removal and replacement of sodded lawn with plants, garage doors, solar heaters, solar panels, window/wall A/C units, house painting, re-roofing, walkway/driveway tiling or painting, etc. In general, all external changes to the home involving "structures" must be approved through the ARB process. When in doubt, ALWAYS contact the ARB with your questions on pre-approval requirements. For improvements that are of different types please complete an unique ARB application (i.e. don't put a fence project and roofing project on the same ARB application).

Examples of exterior improvements that do NOT require prior ARB approval include: resod damaged areas of lawn, dead shrub replacement, A/C condenser unit replacement, planting new trees, underground irrigation (including shrub risers), minor roof repairs, fence repairs (not replacement), minor exterior rot/stucco/damage repairs, minor paint touch-up (same color) of repaired or faded exterior.

Many home improvement projects require a permit issued by the City of Longwood. Longwood Green HOA is a participating member of the Longwood building permit process as noted HERE. For some of projects, the City will NOT issue a permit unless you provide an approved Longwood Green ARB application. City code states the total of the impervious surfaces on any lot cannot exceed 55% (LDR - Low Density Residential). Click HERE to view pre-permit requirements of the City to include a list of those requiring HOA approval.

If you have an improvement project for any area outside of your home and are unsure if it needs prior ARB approval contact the ARB or contact Sentry Management to ask your question before moving forward with the project.

Architectural Review Process

  1. Complete the Longwood Green HOA ARB Application.
  2. Attach all required documentation to the ARB Application as specified in the application instructions.
  3. Dropoff, mail, fax or email completed ARB Application (instructions are on the ARB application).
  4. ARB members will review the ARB Application. The project will be approved or denied with specified reason.
  5. ARB or Sentry Management will notify homeowner of final status of ARB Application within 30 days.
  6. Homeowner must provide a copy of the approved ARB Application to Sentry Management if application was "walked through" the signature process by applicant.