ARB Application


There are a couple of options you can use to fill out the ARB application: (1) fill out the application (using Chrome, Explorer, Safari and other browsers - NOTE: Firefox requires first saving to computer then editing with Adobe Acrobat Reader) then print it out or, (2) save the application on your computer then print it out. The form is not meant to be filled out on a mobile phone so the best option is to print it out first. Click PRINT or SAVE icons below:

    Click ARB Application to fill out ARB application then print it

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to save ARB application to your computer

The homeowner section of the ARB Application must be filled out in its entirety. Missing information will delay processing of your application. Instructions for filling out the application are shown below the form. Please read the instructions first before attempting to fill out the form. NOTE: Homeowners who fail to get prior ARB approval before starting a project requiring such approval will receive a "First Notice" of violation from the HOA. Second offenses are subject to fines/penalties as outlined in the Covenants Enforcement section. A "First Notice" will be either mailed to the homeowner or duly noted on the homeowner's ARB application.

Date: Use format MM-DD-YYYY. Please do not try to backdate. Use today's date.

Lot Number and Select Plat: This is the lot number as recorded on the plat with which your house lot is located. Click HERE to locate which plat your lot is legally recorded. Note the lot number and from which plat your lot is located.

Homeowner Name: This is the legally recorded name of the owner. Tenants and renters are forbidden from submitting ARB applications and applications shall not be submitted for a property or area other than the legal homeowner's own property.

House Number: This is the house number as designated by the US Postal Service.

Street: Within this website or a PDF reader use the menu selector to find your street name otherwise print your street name.

Mailing Address: If your mailing address is different than the postal address of the house your ARB application references fill in this section otherwise click on "Same as Above".

Phone Number: Provide a phone number where you can be reached if the ARB has questions about your submittal.

Email Address: Provide an email address where the ARB can contact you through email.

Request Type: Click on the appropriate box that describes the type of request you are making. Please ensure you complete separate ARB application for each project type rather than put different request types on the same application.

Description: Provide details on the proposed changes that your ARB application references and if applicable, the specific type of building material to be used. CC&R - Article VIII - Restrictions lists acceptable building materials. 
If you checked "Other" as the request type then provide the exact nature of your ARB application request. If you checked "Fence" please fill out and submit the fence checklist with your ARB application. You may include additional attachments to your ARB application should you need to provide more detailed information or sample pictures of the product you would like to use.

Homeowner Signature: The legally recorded homeowner or agent must sign the ARB application in order for it to be processed. Without the homeowner/agent signature the ARB application is not valid. NOTE: Do not type in your name; sign it with an ink pen. 
NOTE: Homeowners are required to obtain all applicable City/County permits; Approval of the homeowner ARB application does NOT invalidate the requirement of homeowners to obtain these permits. By signing and submitting an ARB application the homeowner acknowledges they are providing access to their property to members of the ARB to view, measure and take notes on the proposed project.  Further, the homeowner is granting permission to the ARB to followup after the project is completed to verify the work was completed as submitted and the scope of work was not altered from proposed/approved.

Attachments: Submission of the ARB application alone is incomplete without attaching supporting documentation that gives the ARB the specifics of your request. A site plan or survey showing exactly where the additions are to be placed must be included. For tree removal note on the survey where the tree(s) is located. It is important to denote the distances from the structure to the property line to ensure compliance with City and HOA setback requirements. This includes but is not limited to: fences, walls, significant landscaping modifications, driveways, solar heaters, solar panels, etc. For structures to be constructed near the property line, such as a perimeter fence, a certified survey is required to ensure your project is installed on your property. For exterior house color changes such as house paint or roof shingles, etc., a site plan is not required, however, a color sample swatch must be attached. An ARB application, even if signed by ARB members, is void if the application does not include the specifics outlined above. 
For more information on the purpose of a site plan or survey and where to get one for your lot click HERE.

Submit Your Application: Submit your completed application to Sentry Management via US mail, fax, or email as denoted in the lower left hand corner of the application. Although applications are generally processed within 7 to 10 days please allow up to 30 days as ARB members are volunteer homeowners who may be unavailable due to business or travel.

Questions: If you are not sure whether or not you need to submit an ARB application or have other ARB questions, please Contact ARB Members or Contact Sentry Management.

Denied Applications: If your application was denied as submitted and you do not understand why or disagree with the decision you may
 Contact ARB Members to have a discussion regarding the specifics of why it was denied. If you still disagree with the ARB's decision because you feel your request is: (1) in harmony with the community, (2) a reasonable request, (3) allowable under the HOA Covenant restrictions and wish to appeal the denial you may do so in writing by Contacting Board Members. By default, any ARB application marked as "DENIED" was done so because the request with either not in harmony with the community or the request is in direct conflict with HOA Covenants or HOA Policy. Under no circumstances should you proceed with your project without prior ARB approval as you may be asked to undo your improvement and/or you may face sanctions and fines. Irreversible changes may additionally require costly mitigation action by the homeowner.

INSTRUCTIONS --- ARB Member Section ---

Approval Selection: 
ARB members play a very important role when homeowners submit an application for projects they would like approved. The goal of the ARB is to ensure that the improvements at best improve the property value and at worst maintain the current character of the community. Approval of a project creates a potential precedent for the entire community therefore careful consideration should be given before formal approval. The "litmus tests" when considering ARB requests are: (1) Is the proposed project allowable under the Covenant restrictions? (2) Is the proposed project in harmony with adjoining properties or in character for the community?, (3) Does the proposed project, at a minimum, maintain the attractive appearance and the value of the property and the adjoining properties? (4) Would the character of the community and property values be preserved/increased if all homeowners were allowed to implement the same project? If the answer to any of these questions is "no" then the ARB application should denied. It is the responsibility of the Board of Directors to nullify/void an ARB "approval" for any project that is in direct conflict with the Covenant restrictions.

Check the appropriate box:
  • APPROVED AS SUBMITTED: Project is approved exactly as it was submitted with no deviations allowed without further authorization.
  • APPROVED with REQUIRED CHANGES: Request in principle is acceptable but only with changes to the plan - note changes to the request in the notes/comments box that must be adhered to for approval to be valid.
  • DENIED/CANCELED: Request has been denied - provide reason for the denial in the notes/comments box. 
     This box must be checked i
    f homeowner has decided to cancel their plans as originally submitted and cancelled form must be returned to Sentry Management within 30 days of application date.
Application Review Notes/Comments: Provide additional notes as necessary.  See "Approval Selection" for additional comments as necessary.

Site Plan and/or Color Samples Attached: Verify that appropriate attachments are included with the ARB application. When structures are to be built or modified a survey/site plan* is to be included denoting location of work and measurements. The site plan must include setback measurements from the structure to the property line. Color samples are to be included where appropriate for materials to be used in the project. Check this box to note that the necessary attachments are included with the homeowner's application.
* A certified survey is required for construction of any fence to be installed within 7 1/2 feet of the property line.

Project Started without Prior ARB Approval: Check this box if the homeowner started the project without prior ARB approval. Checking this box serves as "Notice" that homeowner failed to submit an ARB application and faces possible penalties/fines or other action by the HOA as outlined in the Covenants Enforcement section.

ARB Signature: Three members of the ARB must sign and date this application for the homeowner project to be approved. ARB members are NOT authorized to sign-off on their own ARB applications or properties owned by family members.

ARB Seal of Approval: ARB Chairperson - Affix ARB Seal of Approval in designated area ONLY for approved projects. ARB application is not valid without the seal.

Special Instructions: All ARB applications must be processed by the ARB within 30 days regardless of if the homeowner decides to cancel their plans. If homeowner decides to cancel their submission (verbal or written) or application is incomplete then ARB application must be marked as DENIED with the notation "project canceled per the homeowner" or "incomplete form", etc., only the ARB chairperson need sign the application and the ARB Seal of Approval is NOT used for denied/canceled applications. Return the denied/cancelled application within 30 days of the original submission date. Homeowner MUST sign application with ink pen; simply typing in the homeowner name is not sufficient.