Covenants Enforcement Committee


The Covenants Enforcement Committee (CEC) functions as an advisory council to the Board. The committee reviews alleged homeowner violations against the HOA Covenant restrictions and the Florida Statutes regulating HOAs, then advises the Board of their findings and recommendations for action to take.

The Board of Directors appoints three members of the community who are in good standing to the Covenants Enforcement Committee. Members of the CEC are not officers, directors, or employees of the HOA, or the spouse of, or related to an officer, director, or employee of the HOA.

Not every HOA violation is subject to review by the CEC. At the direction of the Board, the CEC reviews cases that are both a finable violation and where the homeowner has either failed to comply with a First Notice of violation or has made no attempt to contact the HOA with a plan of action to become compliant.