HOA Infrastruction and Facilities

Longwood Green Irrigation

The HOA maintains the entrance to Longwood Green at the Citrus Tree Lane access point from Longwood Hills Rd. The lots opposite each other at the entrance have easements grants for the HOA to maintain signage and landscaping. The center island is also maintained by the HOA.

Controls to operate the irrigation system are located within the center island next to the Duke Energy light pole. The irrigation controller is a Rainbird XXX which can activate the three watering zones.  Zone #1 covers the west side of the Citrus Tree Lane entrance. Zone #2 covers the east side of the Citrus Tree Lane entrance. Zone #3 covers the center island landscaping. The three zone valves are located in the center island within a valve box. Water flows from the water meter, located at the north end of the center island, into the backflow device, visible above ground, then flows to the valves, arranged in a manifold configuration, then terminates at a water spigot. Each irrigation valve, when activated by the irrigation controller, drive water to its associated zone.

The following pictures can be used to locate and maintain the irrigation control system for Longwood Green.


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