Governing Documents

 for Longwood Green

The following governing documents embody the core function of the Longwood Green Homeowners Association. The Board of Directors of this Association operate within these Statutes, Covenants, and By-Laws on behalf of all community members.

Florida Statutes - Title XL - Chapter 720 - Homeowners' Association

Covenants, Conditions and Restrictions of Longwood Green

By-Laws of Longwood Green

The Longwood Green Homeowners Association is located within the city limits and therefore within the jurisdiction of the City of Longwood. The Association and all members are bound by ordinances of the city.

Ordinances - City of Longwood

In addition to City of Longwood ordinances, the county of Seminole, Florida has ordinances. Some of these ordinance apply beyond unincorporated Seminole County to include the City of Longwood and therefore residents of our community.

Ordinances - Seminole County


A "Good Neighbor Guide" to our community rules was created as a condensed version of our Covenants and By-Laws. The guide provides the most relevant information a new homeowner may request from the HOA. It does not replace the Covenants and By-Laws as it highlights only some of our rules.

Good Neighbor Guide to the Longwood Green Homeowner Rules