Third Amendment to Declaration of 

Covenants, Conditions and Restrictions

 for Longwood Green

ARTICLE IV - Membership and Voting Rights

4.01 Every Owner of a Lot which is subject to assessments shall be a Member of the Association. Membership shall be appurtenant be separated from ownership of any Lot which is subject to the assessment.

4.02 The Association shall have a single class of voting membership.

4.03 Change of membership in the Association shall be established by recording in the Public Records of Seminole County, Florida a deed or other instrument establishing a record ownership interest in a unit in the property and delivering to the Association a certified copy of such instrument. The owner or owners designated by such instrument shall after approval by the Association thereupon become a member of the Association; and the membership of the prior owner shall be simultaneously terminated.

4.04 The undivided share of a member in funds and assets of the Association cannot be assigned, hypothecated or transferred in any manner except as an appurtenance to the property.

4.05 Each member of the Association shall be entitled to one (1) vote for each piece of property; provided, however, that when more than one (l) person or an owner which is not a natural person owns an interest in a piece of property, all of such persons together shall be entitled to no more than one (1) vote with respect to each piece of property owned by them, and such vote shall be exercised as they among themselves determine; provided further, however, that such persons shall designate in writing, delivered to the Secretary of the Association one (l) natural person who shall be authorized to exercise the vote to which persons are entitled.

4.06 Any Mortgagee of the Property shall have the right but not the obligation, to become a Member of the Association on the same basis as the other members thereof without any requirement of or obligation for making or being assessed for capital contributions for capital improvements commenced or completed prior to the date of re-acquisition, provided that the Mortgagee shall first have re-acquired by foreclosure, or a deed in lieu thereof, any part of the mortgaged property. Membership shall apply in respect of any part of the re-acquired property.