Third Amendment to Declaration of 

Covenants, Conditions and Restrictions

 for Longwood Green

ARTICLE VI - Architectural Review Board

6.01 Architectural Review Board

No building, fence, wall or other structure shall be commenced, erected maintained upon the Properties, nor shall any exterior addition to or change or alteration therein be made until the plans and specifications showing the nature, kind, shape, height, material and location of the same shall have been submitted to and approved in writing as to harmony of external design and location in relation to surrounding structures and topography by the Declarant, its successors and assigns. In the event said Declarant, its successors and/or assigns, fails to approve or disapprove such design and location within thirty (30) days after such plans and specifications have been submitted to it, approval will not be required and this Article will be deemed to have been fully complied with.

6.02 Garage Restrictions

In no event shall approval be given for the conversion of a garage to dwelling space or for any other action prohibited by this Declaration.

6.03 Separate Committee

There shall be a separate Architectural Review Board specifically to control and approve those structures to be commenced, erected or maintained up the back portion of the planned unit development and more specifically with respect to the sixty-seven (67) building lots described as follows:

Lots 25 through 65 inclusive and Lots 71 through 74 inclusive of the Amended Plat of Longwood Green, and also Lots 61-81 Replat of the Amended Plat of Longwood Green.

6.03.01 The Review Board shall consist of five (5) members, their heirs or assigns. Those members shall initially include BRIAN PINKNEY, Declarant herein, DAVID CHACEY, JOHN GARLIC, BILL CRUMP, BILL COX. It shall take a majority of those voting members of the Committee to approve or disapprove design and location. Article 6.01 shall control as to the purposes and procedures of this Committee.