Rights-of-Way (aka streets, roads, pavement and easements)

The rights-of-way in both communities (Longwood Green and Oaks of Longwood Green) are owned by the HOA. The Rights-of-Way are platted as 50 foot in width (excluding cul-de-sacs) but the paved portion is typically 25 feet in width. This leaves approximately 12.5 feet on either side of pavement as unpaved areas that do NOT belong to the homeowners. While owned by the HOA, it is the responsibility of the lot owners to maintain that unpaved area of the rights-of-way per the Covenant restrictions (see Covenants 8.10 Easements). The entire rights-of-way also serve as an easement for utility services (water, sewer, power, cable, telephone) AND for homeowners (driveways, mailboxes).

The granted easements for utilities includes water, sewer, power, cable, telephone, etc. The easement for homeowners is for installation of driveways and mailboxes (GREENS only) and this is why homeowners can park cars for overnight on the HOA Rights-of-Way (on the driveway) without getting towed (see Covenants 8.14 Parking Restrictions). Other than driveways and mailboxes (GREENS only) there is no other easement granted to homeowner to install a structure.

Refer to Road Maintenance regarding repaving and other considerations.

GREENS Rights-of-Way

OAKS Rights-of-Way