Tree Measurement


Covenant restriction Article VIII Section 8.15  on tree removal states:

"No large trees measuring six (6) inches or more in diameter at ground level may be removed without prior approval of the Declarant unless located within ten (10) feet of the main dwelling or accessory building or within ten (10) feet of the approved site for such building."

Measurement of tree diameter shall be taken at DBH (diameter at breast height, or 4.5 feet above the ground) per established arborist guidelines using either calipers, in which an average of two measurements taken 90 degrees apart shall be used, or a circumference measurement "C" with diameter "d" calculated as d=C/π or d=C/3.14.

Distance from the dwelling shall be taken from the foundation (stem wall or load-bearing wall) to the tree at 4.5 feet above the ground as is the tree diameter measurement. For approved site plans on yet to be constructed dwellings the measurement shall be from the planned foundation (stem wall). Measurements are not to be taken from facia, gutters, window sills, decorative trim, or any device attached to the load bearing wall, etc. The measurement is intended to be taken from the closest point on the dwelling that has foundation directly under the point of measurement.

The "within 10 feet" stipulation is meant to deal with potential damage to the dwelling's foundation and has nothing to do with aesthetics or if a tree is within range of causing structural damage if it falls. The remote or unsubstantiated possibility of a tree falling cause damage to a structure or other property is not sufficient cause to remove a healthy tree without prior ARB approval.

NOTE: For deviations from simple tree configuration that involve complex shapes or in difficult terrain the Board of Directors shall be consulted for clarification as measurements may be complicated by: (1) tree form, (2) whether a trunk is upright or leaning, (3) single or multiple stems, (4) whether or not the tree is on level or sloping ground, and (5) obstructions that limit access to the trunk.