HOA Assessments

Annual HOA dues for the year 2020 are $300

($150 due on January 1st and $150 due on July 1st)

Longwood Green is a deed restricted community in which homeowners are bound by our Covenants, Conditions, and Restrictions (CC&Rs) and By-Laws. All HOA members must abide by the CC&Rs and By-Laws of the association. This includes paying annual assessments (HOA dues) that are billed semi-annually for convenience.  

Assessments are collected from homeowners to pay a share of the common expenses incurred in the daily upkeep and future maintenance of our community. The collected dues are apportioned into an operating fund and a reserve fund.

The operating fund is used to pay for ongoing daily-weekly-monthly expenses incurred by the HOA. The operating fund typically pays for items such as: street lights, electricity for street/entry lights, water for irrigation of common areas, mowing of common areas, maintenance of entry ways, insurance for common areas, attorney expenses, property management fees, repairs, office supplies/postage, filing federal/state corporate returns, etc.

The reserve fund is used for infrequent repairs and maintenance issues that tend to be a large expense. Re-paving our community roads is an example of an infrequent but large expense that the HOA incurs. This community was originally paved in 1986. The roads were re-paved 18 years laters in 2004 at an expense to the Association of approximately $64,000. If the current pavement lasts 18 years then the roads may need to be re-paved in the year 2022. The cost of re-paving the roads in today dollars is approximately $120,000. A 2012 estimation of paving costs can be seen HERE.

You can get instructions on how to pay your dues by clicking HERE. Learn about the HOA assessment collection process and what happens if homeowners do not pay their dues by clicking HERE.

Longwood Green HOA,
Jan 19, 2018, 9:27 AM