Paying Your HOA Assessments

Assessments may be paid in a number of ways. Click HERE to make a payment or learn about payment options provided by Sentry Management, our community propery management company.
As it was previously announced, the HOA Board of Directors has hired a new property management company, Sentry Management, to provide services for our community. As you might expect with a new property management provider some of our processes have changed. One such process change is how we pay our semi-annual HOA assessments. By now, most of you have received an assessment notice which also includes a payment coupon.

Sentry Management provides six methods to pay your assessments. For many of you, your choice will be to pay by mailing a personal check  or by using your financial institution's BillPay service. When using a personal check please make sure to include the payment coupon and write down your unique 16-digit account number in the memo line of your check. When using BillPay, please make sure you include your account number on the check memo which will be printed on the check by your BillPay service. A BillPay example is illustrated below.

Note that your payment coupon shows your semi-annual assessment is $154. However, those of you that get your payment in by July 1, 2021 will receive a discount of $12 therefore IF PAID BY 07/01/2021 YOUR ASSESSMENT AMOUNT IS $142. Your payment must be received by Sentry Management on or prior to July 1, 2021 to qualify for the discount therefore please make sure you allow time for US Postal Service if the check is to be mailed. Simply having your mailing postmarked by July 1, 2021 will not qualify you for the discount; it has to be received by that date.

Some of you have an outstanding balance from years past and are being charged 6% interest on that balance. Before sending in your payment it would be beneficial to check to see if you have an existing balance by logging into the Sentry Management portal and view your account. To check you must first register as a new user using your unique 16-digit account number as shown on your payment coupon. Go to then click on My Account then New User Registration.

Once you complete registration you will be able to view your ledger balance by clicking Your Ledger Card. If it shows a balance then please include that additional amount in your payment.

We hope you find that having immediate access to your account information to be one of a number of new useful features provided by Sentry Management. In the future we plan to highlight some other process changes and features with our new management company. If you have any questions please remember that our community website has been updated with our new property manager's contact information.