What Happens If You Do Not Pay Your Annual Assessments?

Annual HOA dues for the year 2021 are $308

($154 due on January 1st and $154 due on July 1st)

Payment of annual HOA dues is mandatory for all homeowners as outlined in our Covenants and By-Laws. Failure to pay HOA dues may eventually result in the loss of your house through HOA foreclosure. Our Association follows a process to give homeowners fair opportunity to pay their dues. This process includes a procedure to enforce the collection of homeowners' assessments/dues. You can get instructions on how to pay your dues by clicking HERE.

Semi-annual Invoices
Invoices are mailed to homeowners twice per year at least 30 days prior to assessment due dates. Annual dues are billed semi-annually for the convenience of homeowners. The first installment is due on January 1st and the second installment is due on July 1stHomeowners may elect to pay the full annual amount prior to January 1st or may pay on a semi-annual basis. In either case, dues must be paid by the due date shown on the invoice. Our Covenants and By-Laws authorize the Association to charge six (6%) percent annual interest, retroactively, on outstanding balances that are 30 days past due. If you do not receive your first invoice by December 1st or second invoice by June 1st please contact Sentry Management.

Covenant 5.08 Effect of Nonpayment of Assessments: Remedies of the Association
"Any assessment not paid within thirty (30) days after the due date shall bear interest from the due date at the rate of six (6%) percent per annum."

Late Notice
Past due notices are mailed to homeowners who fail to pay their assessments on time. Please pay on-time, as it costs all of us when past due notices have to be sent out. If there is some circumstance that prevents you from paying on time please contact Sentry Management in advance of your due date.

Final Notice
Homeowners who do not do not respond to the past due notices will receive a 10-day Final Notice. This is the last notice sent out before legal action is taken by the Association attorney. Contact Sentry Management immediately if you receive a Final Notice.

Attorney Collection
Homeowners who do not respond to the Final Notice will have their overdue account turned over to the Association attorney for collection. Once this happens, the homeowner cannot resolve their account status through Sentry Management and the homeowner must contact the Association attorney. An additional cost of approximately $115 will be due on the account if it is sent to the attorney for collection. Any extra legal costs associated with resolving the matter though the attorney will be billed to the homeowner which could include a $100 service fee for an estoppel letter/notice outlining outstanding assessments/interest/fees.

Lien on Home
If the homeowner account continues to be past due, the Association attorney will file a lien with the Seminole County Clerk of the Court against the owner's home. This process adds approximately another $330 to the homeowner's past due account.

When an account becomes severely past due, the Association Board will authorize the HOA attorney to begin foreclosure proceedings on the homeowner's property. This process adds a minimum $1,200 to the overdue account and legal fees can easily outpace the past due amount. When the Court orders the foreclosure judgment, Longwood Green HOA has the right to evict the occupants of the property and may also elect to lease the property to collect the balance owed. The responsibility of the outstanding mortgage remains with the owner(s) who originally executed the note, not Longwood Green HOA. To date, the Association has and will continue to utilize the foreclosure process for severely overdue accounts.

Stopping Foreclosure
The homeowner can stop the foreclosure process by contacting the Association attorney and arranging for payment of the outstanding balance. The attorney will present the homeowner with a breakdown of the amount due on the account. The outstanding balance will include all past due HOA assessments, legal fees and interest accumulated on the balance. Sentry Management is not involved with accounts that have been sent to the Association attorney and cannot resolve any past due issues at this juncture.