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☆ Board Resolution: Garbage Receptacle Placement & Storage ☆

posted Jan 17, 2019, 12:24 PM by Longwood Green HOA   [ updated Jan 17, 2019, 1:19 PM ]

At the October, 18, 2018 meeting of the HOA Board of Directions a resolution was passed to address numerous complaints from homeowners regarding placement and storage of garbage/trash receptacles, recycle bins and yard waste containers.

"It is resolved that residents shall remove the garbage/trash/recycle containers from sight no later than the evening of the pick-up.  At all other times, all such containers must be stored within each Residence or 15 feet minimum from the front of house concealed by means of a wall, fence, landscape, hedges or other enclosure previously approved by the ARB committee, so that the containers cannot be seen from the streets."

The discussion by the Board included the following points:

  • HOA continues to receive complaints about homeowners who:
    • Place their garbage receptacles and recycle bins at the curb earlier than allowed by City Ordinance and counter to what is considered to be reasonable and considerate
    • Do not remove their garbage receptacles at the end of the day and sometimes leave them at the street multiple days or on weekends
    • Store their garbage receptacles in front of the house or in plain view from the street
  • It is not fair that all Association members have to pay for the expense of continually sending out reminder notices to homeowner regarding proper storage and to be considerate of their neighbors
  • The HOA is forced to implement a formal policy to deal with the few homeowners who continue improper practices of garbage receptacle placement as authorized by Covenants subsections:
    • Article 8.09 Service Yard Storage Receptacles
    • Article 8.13 Offensive Activity
    • Article 8.19 Enforcement

Garbage receptacles may be stored in the garage, behind the backyard fence or a “screen” at least 15 feet from the front house.  Waste Pro receptacles are 42” H x 30” W so an appropriate screen may be constructed as preapproved by the ARB or by use of hedge such as Podocarpus, a sun/shade tolerant plant.  Homeowners may petition their situation based on the specifics of their property but must obtain in writing a variance by the Board of Directors otherwise no exceptions.  Garbage receptacles are to be placed at the curb or edge of the yard NEVER on the street pavement.