Monthly Board Meeting     

Thursday, November 15, 2018 at 6:30PM

Longwood City Commission Chambers 

175 West Warren Avenue, Longwood, FL 32750

The HOA Board of Directors meet the third Thursday of every month (except December) to conduct business on behalf of all homeowners. Homeowners are encouraged to attend Board meetings to provide comments, concerns and feedback to Board members about the community.

The primary focus in November is the annual HOA budget for 2019. The Board will review a proposed budget and make a decision regarding potential increases in annual assessments. The current proposal calls for an $8 annual increase which will help stymie pressure resuling from increasing costs to operate the HOA. Homeowners are encouraged to participate in this meeting and provide their input before a final decision is made.

              Agenda for Monthly Board Meeting                
          1. Call Meeting to Order
          2. Verification of Quorum
          3. Proof of Notice
          4. Review and Approval of previous Board Meeting Minutes
          5. Incident Report
          6. Status Report
          7. Old Business
          8. New Business
          9. Homeowner Questions/Concerns
          10. Adjournment