Monthly Board Meeting

Zoom Teleconference Meeting (see below for details)

eetings to provide comments, concerns and feedback to Board members about the community.

              Agenda for Monthly Board Meeting                
          1. Call Meeting to Order
          2. Verification of Quorum
          3. Proof of Notice
          4. Longwood Police/Longwood COP Updates
          5. Review and Approval of Previous Board Meeting Minutes
          6. Incident Report
          7. Status Report
          8. Old Business
          9. New Business
          10. Homeowner Questions/Concerns
          11. Adjournment

Zoom Teleconference Meeting Due to Covid-19 Pandemic
Meeting Start Time: 6:30pm
06-17-2021 Board Meeting
            Active Time: Jun 17, 2021 06:30 PM Eastern Time (US and Canada)

            Meeting ID: 965 6730 4355  Passcode: Yc9cvc

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