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☆ Tree Service Scams ☆

posted Nov 30, 2018, 8:36 PM by Longwood Green HOA   [ updated Jun 5, 2021, 5:20 PM by David Dieska ]
We are aware of a group of young men who came through the community this past Sunday offering "tree services". The company they represent is Merik Tree Service and the owner allegedly has a long criminal record. A homeowner called the police who then searched for them without success. Please call the Longwood Police Department if you encounter them or any other unwanted solicitations in the community. The police are happy to check out any concerns we have with strangers in the neighborhood. Below, please refer to a security camera snapshot showing two individuals associated with Merik Tree Service.

While we are on the topic of tree service solicitations this is a reminder to be aware that it is common for solicitors to go door-to-door attempting to convince homeowners that trees are "diseased" or "dangerous" and need immediate removal. Do not fall for these scams and always seek multiple quotes and opinions from certified arborists. PLEASE REMEMBER, our community has Covenant rules which restrict removal of most trees in the community without prior written approval by the Homeowners Association. We have had incidences of unapproved tree removal and in the last several years the HOA has levied and collected over $7,000 in landscaping/tree fines for violations of the Covenants. Always contact Sentry Management or the Architectural Review Board (ARB) immediately if you have a tree situation you perceive to be an imminent threat. The ARB form to be submitted prior to making improvements on the exterior (front, back, side yards) of your house and including tree removal can be found HERE.