Info for Proposed Longwood Cove Condo Project (SP 04-16)

Next to OAKS of Longwood Green Entrance

UPDATE: Construction Activity Next to OAKS Entrance - updated on 03-23-2018

Dear Homeowners,

You may have noted there's some construction activity right next to the entrance for the OAKS of Longwood Green.  This is an update to let you know what to expect.  There are two things going on right now...
  1. Dr. Singh owns and operates Luv-N-Care Animal Hospital on Ronald Reagan Blvd near the OAKS entrance; he also owns surrounding vacant lands that he plans to develop.  As you may recall, in November 2016, Dr. Singh received a variance from the City Commission to construct a three story condo building which the HOA concluded was no more than low income rental housing.  This variance was good for one year and if a construction permit was not pulled the variance was set to expire in November 2017.  However, because of the impact of Hurricane Irma to the area the deadline was extended.  Per the Longwood Development Manager, Chris Kintner "Regarding Dr. Singh, when the state issued the Hurricane Irma emergency declaration there was a clause in there that extended any active permits for the emergency period plus 6 months. So his new due date is July 6th. The City has no provisions for an extension to the exception so, unless there’s another emergency declaration or something like that outside of our control, that’s his expiration date on the special exception."  You may have noticed that the old structure sitting on the proposed build site was recently demolished and fill dirt have been brought in.  We can assume that Dr. Singh intends on moving forward with his condo project which now bears the name Longwood Cove condos; the outward appearance of the proposed building has changed.
  2. Dr. Singh is also planning on expanding the parking lot surrounding the Luv-N-Care Animal Hospital.  You may review the announcement by clicking HERE.  We are not exactly sure why the parking lot is being expanded as the current parking is sufficient.  It is suspected that ultimately, the parking lot may be an overflow parking area for the proposed Longwood Cove Condos (previously called "Village Green Condos").  This is probably a good thing because it likely means that residents of the OAK will not have to deal with illegal parking of vehicles on Blackwater Place.
It is hoped that the new additions will not negatively impact surrounding property values.  If, during construction, you have complaints about construction noise beyond City approved hours you may call the non-emergency number for the Longwood Police at 407-339-1297 or call Longwood Code Enforcement at 407-260-3409 to file your complaint.


UPDATE: Result of Longwood City Commission Meeting held on 11-07-2016

By a vote of 3-2 the City Commission voted to grant Special Exception (SPE 5-16) which now allows the Village Green Condo project to move forward.

You can email the Commissioners who voted FOR SPE 5-16 to voice your outrage and thank those who voted AGAINST it. The vote went as follows:

FOR:        John C. Maingot : District 1 Commissioner
FOR:        Brian D. Sackett : District 5 Commissioner
FOR:        Ben Paris : District 3 Commissioner
AGAINST: Deputy Mayor Mark Weller : District 4 Commissioner
AGAINST: Mayor Joe Durso : District 2 Commissioner

Important reading to get you up to speed:

  • Read about the reason for this URGENT COMMUNITY ALERT by clicking HERE.
  • Read the HOA Board's counterpoints to the recommendation by the City of Longwood Planning Department to approved a Special Exception to the Longwood building code (variance) by clicking HERE.

Audio recording from recent Citizen Awareness and Participation Plan (CAPP) Meeting

A second CAPP meeting took place on October 25, 2016. The meeting was approximately 1.5 hours. You can listen to the questions, concerns and answers by clicking HERE.

To review the Village Green Condo design click on the following plans. To see plan details you may need to zoom in:

Location of Proposed Project - Next to Blackwater Place entrance highlighted by red boundary on map

Floor Plan - Identical for each unit

Front View - Front & Left Elevations

Rear View - Rear & Right Elevations. Rear of building faces Ronald Reagan Blvd.

Stacked Elevation View - Front & Rear Elevations with Floor Plan

Site Plan - Layout of the entire site

Landscape Plan - Landscaping to be installed

Based on our observation of the plans:
  • The front of the building is directionally facing west away from Ronald Reagan Blvd.
  • The rear of the building is directionally facing east towards Ronald Reagan Blvd. Patio balconies will face Ronald Reagan Blvd.
  • Building will only be 20 feet from the right-of-way (Ronald Reagan Blvd.)
  • Building is monolithic structure containing 4 condos per floor in a 3 floor building (12 total condos)
  • Each unit is an identical floor plan featuring 8 foot ceilings, 2 bedroom, 2 bathroom
  • Each unit is 922 sq-ft plus a small 42 sq-ft patio
  • Parking lot will have 2 parking spaces per condo for a total of 24 parking spaces.
  • Exterior lower level will be exposed block
  • Exterior upper levels will be "wood" siding
  • Roof will be sheet metal
  • Sale price of each condo unit is reported to be approximately $150K