Landscaping Committe


The entrances to Longwood Green and the Oaks of Longwood Green are the gateway to our community. Their appearance represents all of us. The Landscaping Committee is comprised of volunteer homeowners who take pride in the appearance of our neighborhood entryways.

The Landscaping Committee is mostly about volunteer participation in the planting, long-term maintenance and high-level upkeep of our entrance landscaping. The following contributions are made by this committee:

  1. Evaluate existing plants, plant arrangement and determine suitability of plants for conditions.
  2. Develop a plan to replace, re-arrange, or upgrade plants.
  3. Utilize existing plants, where possible, to keep costs low.
  4. Work towards maximizing aesthetic effect on a small budget.
  5. Provide volunteer labor for major upgrades/maintenance to keep costs to a minimum.
    • Remove dead plants; Weed flower beds (seasonal)
    • Planting new or re-used plants (one time event)
    • Hand water in new plantings until they take root (one time event)
    • Install new mulch (once a year)
    • Adjust and maintain irrigation system (seasonal)
    • Adjust and maintain lighting system (seasonal)
    • Pressure wash brick wall and entry signs (once a year)
Note that week-to-week maintenance of our entry areas will be maintained by our current mowing service. The mowing service will hedge plants as needed, perform some level of weed control and will mow easements.

By utilizing a volunteer labor force, the desire is to maximize what can be done to improve the look of our entrances. This is important since the Longwood Green HOA budget for landscaping is very limited. In addition to creating a sense of community pride, it is a great opportunity to meet your neighbors.

Volunteers contribute as much as their personal time and schedules allow. Your contribution can be as simple as a one hour work session or as large as taking on a primary role for a particular function. All contributions, no matter how small, are greatly appreciated and one does not need to be an expert in landscaping. Tasks will be well defined and easy to perform. To become a part of the volunteer labor force on the Landscaping Committee, contact the WebMaster.