Most Common Violations

This is a list of the most common violations within our community.  They are not in any particular order.

Violations of the Longwood Green HOA Covenants [HOA], Longwood City Code [CC] or Longwood Development Code [LDC] are noted by ordinance or article number. Refer to the Governing Documents page to locate the particulars of the ordinances and covenants.

[HOA] Art. VI, Sec. 6.01 & Art. VIII, Sec. 8.17 Failure to Submit ARB Application

No building, fence, pool or other structure shall be erected, placed or altered on any building lot until a complete set of building plans and specification have been submitted to the Declarant, its successors and/or assigns, and the same approved in writing, evidencing that said building and/or structure complies in all respects with these restrictions, reservations and conditions and that said building or other structure is in conformity and harmony not only with respect to the topography and ground elevations but also with the architectural design of completed or proposed structure on other lots in the subdivision. Making certain improvement to the exterior of your home or exterior areas of your lot without ARB approval may result in administrative fines and/or legal action. The Longwood Green Homeowners Association may require you to undo any unapproved changes you make to the exterior areas of your home.

[HOA] Art. VIII, Sec. 8.06 Failure to Maintain Building and Grounds

All lots, whether improved or not, shall be maintained in a clean and orderly condition, free from overgrown weeds and from rubbish. In the event any lot is not so maintained, Declarant, its successors and/or assigns, shall have the right to enter upon said lot for the purpose of cutting and removing such overgrown weeds and rubbish, and the expense thereof shall be charged to and paid by the Owner of such lots. Significant dead spots and weedy areas in the yard are maintenance violations as are untrimmed trees, plants and hedges. Exterior paint must be maintained, wood rot repaired, roofs must be free of mildew and fungus, etc.

[HOA] Art. VIII, Sec. 8.14 Parking Restrictions

No automobile, truck, boat, boat and trailer, trailer, house trailer, mobile home, camper, commercial vehicle which contains lettering or advertising thereon or which is identified with a business or commercial activity or other similar vehicle shall be parked on the street, including the right-of-way thereof, on the Common Areas, or on any Lot except in a closed garage attached to a dwelling unit, for overnight or for a continuous period of time in excess of ten (10) consecutive hours. Overnight street parking or overnight parking on vacant lots is prohibited. The hours that define "overnight" are 12AM to 6AM seven days a week. The Board of Directors at the 01-22-2013 meeting unanimously adopted a Declaration of Policy defining these specific hours as clarification as to what constitutes overnight parking. In addition, there are clearly marked No Parking zones in our community. Vehicles are subject to towing when in violation of these parking restrictions, at the owner's expense. See MINOR WAIVERS with reference to parking.

[HOA] Art. VIII, Sec. 8.07 Yard Signs

No sign of any kind shall be displayed to the public view on any lot except one identification sign of not more than two (2) square feet in size or one temporary real estate sign of not more than five (5) square feet in area. No commercial flags, pennants or other such devices shall be allowed; provided, however, that this restriction shall not be applicable to Declarant or its assigns. This rule applies to all signs, including political signs. See MINOR WAIVERS with reference to yard signs and flags.

[CC] Chap. 18, Sec. 18-121 Outdoor Storage

Open outdoor storage in residential districts is expressly prohibited. Outdoor storage in front yards is prohibited in all districts. There shall be no outdoor storage in required parking areas, fire zone loading areas, or access lanes.

[CC] Chap. 38, Sec. 38-121 Trash & Debris

The accumulation of garbage, trash, rubbish and other debris is prohibited and declared to be a public nuisance. This provides harborage for rodents, vermin or wild animals and may furnish a breeding place for mosquitoes. Garbage containers are to be stored out of view when not placed alongside the street for garbage pickup. See BOARD RESOLUTION with reference to Garbage Receptacle Placement & Storage. Further, City Code, Chapter 70 Sec. 70-48 (f) - specifies:

  • Containers shall be removed within 12 hours after collection. Containers shall not be placed at curbside more than 12 hours prior to collection.
  • Containers must be placed behind the front line of the house any days not designated for collection.

[CC] Chap. 38, Sec. 38-141 High Grass & Weeds

The existence of excessive accumulation or untended growth (to a height of 10" or more) of weeds, grasses, undergrowth or other dead or living plant life within 100 feet of any improved property within the City is prohibited and declared to be a public nuisance. This provides harborage for rodents, vermin or wild animals and may furnish a breeding place for mosquitoes.

[CC] Chap. 86, Sec. 86-82 Commercial Vehicle Parking

It shall be unlawful for any commercial vehicle and/or (commercial) trailer to be parked on any parcel or within any area designated residential other than inside an enclosed garage, carport, side or rear yards provided that they are enclosed and screened from the street(s) and all abutting lots by a minimum 6’ high solid fence, wall or a healthy evergreen hedge. Only one commercial vehicle allowed on any residential parcel. See AFFIDAVIT with reference to parking of commercial vehicles within the community.

[CC] Chap. 86, Sec. 86-83 Boats, Trailers and Recreational Vehicle (RV) Parking

Boats, trailers and RVs may be stored in side or rear yards provided they are enclosed and screened from the street(s) and all abutting lots by a solid fence, wall or healthy evergreen hedge. Boats, trailers and RVs may also be stored in a carport provided they are parked totally within the carport enclosure and completely behind the front of the carport. A combination of only two boats, trailers or RV units permitted on a parcel. HOA Covenants do NOT allow for boats or trailers to be parked on any area of homeowner lots with the exception of a closed garage. [HOA] Art. VIII, Sec. 8.14 above provides the specific language of our community rules.

[CC] Chap. 78, Sec. 78-1 Private Use of Street and Other Public Rights-of-Way Prohibited
Sec. 78-1. - Private use of streets and other public rights-of-way prohibited. There shall be no private use of any kind for any reason of public rights-of-way, properties, alleys, streets (whether through or dead-end), thoroughfares or avenues. No person shall plant any tree, bush, plant or shrubbery or erect or cause to be erected any building, shed, fence, formation of materials or structure of any kind on public properties including all rights-of-way or roads and highways, alleys, streets (whether through or dead-end), thoroughfares or avenues within the municipal limits of the city without the formal approval of the director of public works. Placing structures, sports equipment or the like in the Right-of-Way is prohibited. The Right-of-Way extends approximately fifteen (15) feet beyond the paved roadway in our community per the official plat recorded with the Seminole County Clerk of Court.

[LDC] Art. X, Sec. 10.1.0/FBC, Sec. 105.1 Construction Permit

No development activity may be undertaken unless activity is authorized by a construction permit. Examples requiring a permit include, but are not limited to, re-roof, re-pipe, sheds, fences, decks, water heaters, concrete slabs, above ground pools, demolition, central heat or A/C units, signs, etc.