Parking Rules

 for Longwood Green HOA

While at certain times of day it is allowable to park on our paved rights-of-way it is discouraged since the roads are narrowly paved. The following street parking rules are in place to help keep our roads safe without blocking traffic. ALL rights-of-way within the Longwood Green HOA to include the Longwood Green and the Oaks of Longwood Green subdivision are PRIVATE roads maintained by the HOA and subject to the rules, policies, By-Laws and Covenants of the HOA.
  • It is the responsibility of homeowners to understand the parking rules within the community. Further, it is the responsibility of homeowners to ensure their guests and all family members understand the parking rules.
  • Vehicles shall not be parked on any part of the lawn.
  • All four tires must be on the paved right-of-way when street parking (6:01am - 11:59pm)
  • Vehicle shall be parked within 8 inches of the curb/edge of pavement.
  • Vehicles shall be parked in the proper direction of traffic.
  • Vehicles parked on opposite sides of street shall be parked a minimum of 25 feet apart to avoid blocking access down right-of-way. See diagram below.
  • Vehicles shall follow local fire hydrant parking rules as well as other local parking ordinances.
  • Vehicles shall not block driveway of other residents.
  • Vehicles shall NOT be parked on the street more than ten (10) hours.
  • Vehicles shall NOT be parked on the street anytime during the "overnight hours" defined by the HOA Board of Directors as the period 12am through 6am everyday of the year with the only exception being a valid and properly displayed HOA street parking permit.
  • Vehicles parked on the street between the hours of 12am and 6am shall be automatically towed unless a overnight street parking permit is properly displayed. See the process below for obtaining an overnight street parking permit.
  • Any vehicle with one or more tires on the asphalt-paved HOA rights-of-way will be regarded as "street parked" and subject to automatic towing during the overnight hours.
  • Vehicles parked on HOA rights-of-way are subject to removal or relocation anytime for reason of emergency, maintenance, protection, or utility as authorized by Board.
  • Parking on the unpaved portion of the HOA rights-of-way and/or any part of the lawn is prohibited at ALL times. Vehicles parked on these areas are subject to removal as authorized by the Board. Refer to Covenants Article VIII Section 8.14 on Parking Restrictions.

To address homeowner concerns of limited homeowner parking, the Board of Directors has created a system to allow for temporary overnight street parking. Homeowners who display an overnight street parking hangtag on their rear view mirror will be allowed to temporarily park on the street overnight for up to 3 nights. This policy began on April 29th, 2013.


Process for obtaining Overnight Street Parking Permit
  1. Complete the Parking Permit Application.
  2. Dropoff completed Parking Permit Application to a Board Member a minimum 48 hours in advance of your overnight street parking request.
  3. A Board member will review the application. If approved, provide a $10 refundable cash deposit to Board member who will issue you a temporary overnight street parking hangtag.
  4. Place the hangtag on the rear view mirror of vehicle with HOA logo facing outward towards front of vehicle. Insure you follow all rules on this page regarding overnight street parking to include how and where to park vehicle on the paved right-of-way.
  5. Return the overnight street parking hangtag to issuing Board member for a refund of your $10 cash deposit.

Important points to remember about overnight street parking permits
    • Permit is good for up to 3-nights. Vehicles parked on the street overnight for more than 3-nights will be automatically towed.
    • $10 refundable deposit is required per permit. Towing company will be notified of voided parking permits that were never returned.
    • Maximum of two permits will be issued per house during approved 3-night period.
    • Permits will be issued to a homeowner/resident a maximum of once per 30 days. Remember, this is a system for temporary overnight street parking.
    • Only Board members are authorized to issue overnight street parking permits. Board members are responsible for collecting deposit(s) and returning deposit(s) when hangtag is returned.
    • The future issuance of overnight street parking permits to residents will be suspended if the privilege is abused or a prior hangtag is not returned without good cause.
    • Information for rental vehicles must be provided within 24 hours of vehicle pickup for permit to remain valid.
    • Homeowner must be current with all HOA dues and assessments before issuance of permit will be considered.
    • No vehicle may be parked on the street for more than 10 consecutive hours regardless of permit or time of day.
    • One permit issued per application --- maximum of two permits per household --- permit dates must coincide with each other.
    • Minimum of 30 days between requests for overnight street parking permits.
    • Issued permit is ONLY for use by homeowner/tenant or their houseguests --- homeowner/tenant must apply for permit.
    • Permit is valid only for vehicle identified on application --- boats, trailers, RVs, etc. shall not be parked on the street.
    • Vehicle must be fully parked on pavement or will be subject to towing --- 4 tires on pavement within 8 inches of edge of pavement.

Towing of vehicles
    • Vehicles parked in the areas marked with NO PARKING  signs will be towed automatically (24/7) regardless of hangtag permit. See red areas on map below.
    • Vehicles blocking pathway between Oaks and Greens are subject to being towed at anytime. Board will authorize tow of vehicles blocking pathway. See red areas on map below.
    • Vehicles parked on any part of the paved right-of-way (asphalt or concrete curbs) without a hangtag permit at anytime between the hours of 12am and 6am will be automatically towed. See yellow areas on map below.
    • Vehicles with properly displayed overnight street parking hangtag permit will not be towed during "overnight" hours if properly parked per the rules posted on this page.
    • Vehicles parked for more than 10 consecutive hours are subject to tow regardless of hagtag permit.
    • Courtesy Towing Company is responsible for their negligence in towing of vehicles that should not be towed.
    • Courtesy Towing Company is to document vehicle in violation prior to towing (photograph with timestamp).

Cost of towing
  • The Longwoood Green Homeowners Associated has contracted with Courtesy Towing, Inc. of Longwood to to provide services for relocation or removal of vehicles for purposes as documented on this page. Courtesy Towing can be contacted at 407-679-2352 
  • The owner of towed vehicle is responsible for all towing costs.
  • Courtesy Towing Company is responsible for costs associated for their negligence.
  • If the towed/stored vehicle sits for longer than 48 hours Courtesy Towing will send out a certified notice to the vehicle owner and a $50 administration charge will be applied. The rates are set by City of Longwood ordinances.
  • Fee Schedule to be charged to vehicle owner or agent (subject to changes of City ordinance):
    • Class A $125 + $25 Per Day Storage
    • Class B $250 + $50 Per Day Storage
    • Class C $375 + $75 Per Day Storage
    • Class D $500 + $100 Per Day Storage
    • Tarpaulin Fee $15
    • Administration Charge $50 after 48 hours
  • A copy of the amended contract with Courtesy Towing can be viewed by clicking HERE.