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This is a list of projects, tasks and issues that need to be taken care of at both the Oaks and the Greens. If you have an item you feel needs to be added to the list contact the WebMaster
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Project/TaskAssignmentNotesStatusEstimated CostJustificationState of Completion
Project/TaskAssignmentNotesStatusEstimated CostJustificationState of Completion
Resod HOA common areas, spray common areas for weeds and fertilize. President  Re-sodding to be performed starting 09-09-2013 $2,200 HOA expects homeowners to keep up the appearance of their property. The HOA will take it's own advice. Scheduled 
Missing street signs in Oaks Board Blackwater Lane intersection signs. Met with Bob Langley - City of Longwood on 10-31-2012. City will not purchase new signs for private roads. $0 Potential safety issue On Hold 
Mow empty lots President Contact Longwood Code Enforcement. Lots last mowed on 08-13-2013. Need to remain vigilant in keeping lots mowed. $0 Covenants and City Code requirements Ongoing 
Install/Update outdoor bulletin boards for the OAKS and GREENS Vice President GREENS does not have an bulletin board. OAKS bulletin board is in a state of disrepair. Currently investigating the best solution.  Outdoor bulletin boards are necessary to keep homeowners aware of meetings, deadlines, etc. Getting Quotes 
Landscaping of Oaks entry island Seminole County Seminole County owned area. Seminole County will add the entry island to their contract list. Island trees will be trimmed and planter area mulched and weeded. Trees trimmed on 11-01-2012. Mulch put down on 03-12-2013 $0 Agreed to pass on adding plants for now as this step could jeopardize the flagstone. Completed 
Repair pavement at Oaks entry way President HOA not responsible but look into repair anyways. County acknowledged responsibility. County repaired pavement. $0 Insurance audit requested pavement repairs. Completed 
Repair irrigation popups at the Greens President Replace worn out popups and adjust all irrigation heads.  $42 4 irrigation popups are worn out Completed 
Repair erosion around storm drain at Oaks President City needs to re-grade and re-sod around storm drain. City has scheduled repair $0  Completed 
Trim trees hanging low over paved streets. President Homeowners have complained about low branches. Bids from contractors range from $700 to $5700. Board has select Ciotti Landscaping to trim trees. Accepted bid for $700. Low hanging tree branches are a hazard to large vehicles, RVs, boats, etc. Paved rights-of-way must be clear of obstructions. Completed 
New Homeowner Packet. Write new welcome letter. Document process for and contents of new homeowner packet. President Packet includes: Welcome Letter, Good Neighbor Guide, ARB Form, Important Phone Numbers, Annual Budget, Dues Collection Process New Homeowner Packet is available on community website in FAQ section. $0 New homeowners should be introduced to HOA, homeowner rules, and be provided hard copies of CC&R and By-Laws. Completed 
Street light repair President Contact Progress Energy. Repairs scheduled $0 Poor visibility at night. Lease lights should work. Completed 
Cleanup up vine overgrowth on Lot 79 of Greens. President Two trailer loads of vines and debris cleared.  $0 Improve initial appearance of community when entering the neighborhood. Completed 
Implement a comprehensive solution to overnight street parking problem. President Proposal submitted and approved by Board on 02-21-2013. New overnight street parking rules are in effect starting 04-29-2013. Newsletter distributed informing homeowners of new policy. $600 for new street parking signs, hang tages, and stickers Continuing homeowner complaints about Covenants parking violations specifically during the overnight hours. Completed 
Create website Website Committee Website will be officially launched through newsletter to homeowners Website development complete but additions will be ongoing as needed. Specialty Management to redirect their website to this website on 01-03-2013. $10 per year Need to provide easier access to community docs/forms/info and better communication. Completed 
Write Newsletter (Spring) 2013 Community Newsletter President Newsletter will highlight Overnight Street Parking Policy and automatic towing rules to go in effect on April 29th. Newsletter is written and approved by Board. Printed and being distributed by volunteers. Newsletter was hand delivered by volunteers. $250 plus any mailing costs if necessary Keep community aware of major policy changes. Completed 
Terminate HOA Morgan-Keegan account (Reserve Holdings). Roll all these funds into BB&T account. Specialty Management Board will determine a more permanent solution for an interest/dividend bearing account for Reserve Holdings. Matt Jordan of Specialty Management will be responsible for this update to our accounts. $0 Morgan-Keegan account costs HOA $45/year but only generates $2 annual interest. Completed 
Flood light adjustment at entry ways President Determine flood light failure at Greens. Adjust timers at both entry ways.  $0  Completed 
Replace dead or dying plants at Greens entryway Landscaping Committee Completed on 08/08/2013 with $998 of the $1,000 allocated funds spent. Board has approved this project. Click Seeking Volunteers>Landscaping Committee>Status Report in the navigation bar for the latest status. $1000 budgeted between OAKS and GREENS. Will work to keep costs down as much as possible. We all want an entry way that looks pleasing and we can be proud of. Completed 
Replace dead or dying plants at OAKS entrance. Landscaping Committee SEEKING VOLUNTEERS Dead foundation plants replaced. 60 red/white Begonia added to replace Liriope. Pine mulch added.  $1000 budgeted between OAKS and GREENS  Completed 
Repair Bahia Circle roadway City of Longwood City dug up road to repair serious service line problem. Paving completed on 09-13-2012. Met with Bob Langley - City of Longwood on 10-31-2012 about getting sod soon and fixing erosion. Re-graded and sodded on 11-13-2012. $0 Had to dig up road to get to broken service line. Completed 
Write Newsletter (Winter) 2013 Community Newsletter Secretary Newsletter will include: Budget proposal, Website announcement (primary topic), General info on current issues, etc. Newsletter approved and sent to Specialty Management for mailing (01-03-2013).  Community should be kept up to speed with current events/issues Completed 
Cleanup invasive brush along west side of bridge in the Greens President SEEKING VOLUNTEERS! Homeowner next to stream cleaned up some of the overgrowth. Cleanup will occur as needed and as volunteers contribute. Elderberry shrubs will be left untouched. $0 Primrose willow clogging up stream. Chinese Tallow are top invasive tree species in Florida. Vines overtaking trees. Completed 
Bahia Circle shoulder dropoff Board Needs fill dirt and grading for approximately 120'x4'x4" - 6 cu yd. Sod with Bahia - 480 sq ft. Lot owner had ~3 cu. yds. fill dirt added therefore further action by the Board is on hold. The City laid down sod in 01-2013 on most of this area. $0 Insurance carrier audit specifies shoulder needs to be level to road. Completed 
Clear bridge overgrowth-debris on east side President Vines overgrowing right-of-way/trees, clogging drainage Project approved by Board. Work completed Negotiated at $450 with additional $200 backup to deal with potential unknown issues. Final cost: $550 HOA responsible for maintenance of common area Completed 
Storm water flooding at Bahia Court-Bahia Circle Board Heavy rains cause street flooding (standing water for 3 hours) Met with Bob Langley - City of Longwood on 1031-2012. City is not responsible for private roads. Could install a French drain type reservoir to help but would impact homeowner lawn. $1000 Assist in stormwater drainage off of roadway. Canceled 
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