Projects Goals of the HOA

The following are shorter term project goals:

  1. Repair community bulletin boards
    • Corkboard in both bulletin boards is rotted. The board in the GREENS simply needs the corkboard to be replaced. The board in the OAKS was damaged by a homeowner's contractor and water intrusion has rotted out the corkboard. Likely the entire fixture should be replaced. Item BB02401
  2. Port over community website
    • The community website is built on "classic" Google Sites which is being replaced by "new" Google Sites. The cost to the Association for having our own website is ~$10 per year which is the cost of the domain Registar fee (including ICANN). Classic Google Sites is being discontinued which means at the beginning of September 2021 the website will no longer function unless ported to New Google Sites or some other website providers. This will take a fair amount of effort to make the conversion. New Google Sites appears to be rather limited therefore recreation of the website using WordPress then pay $2.95/$8.99 per month for hosting is an alternative. Alternative to have property management company develop and maintain website
      • $495 website creation fee (Sentry)
      • $79/month website maintenance fee (Sentry)
      • Change of property management company means starting over --- loss of all content --- reluctance to abandon property management company
  3. Replace all traffic control signs in the community
    • Almost all traffic control signs in the community are nearly 35 years old, faded, damaged or covered in algae. The community needs the addition of more speed limit signs, replacement of some posts, removal of signs considered inappropriate for the location, addition of community watch, overnight street parking signs and no solicitation signs. Need to research proper grades of signs and also seek volunteers to remove/install signs to keep costs down. (see below more details)
  4. Community improvements
    • Replace plants at entrance of Greens (both west and east sides). Foundation plants are woody, not easily manageable and have a dated look. Flower beds would benefit by reducing the size.
    • Flagstone at OAKS entrance island needs to be restacked and locked into place. Note that the entry island at the OAKS is owned by Seminole County and the HOA has been successful having the County trim up the oak trees and install mulch.
    • Only half the Asiatic Jasmine project was completed due to lack of volunteers. Need to double the jasmine plantings as decrease in sunlight does not allow for growth of grass anymore.
    • Board already approved of installation of large landscaping boulders in the curve of Blackwater Place to eliminate vehicles from driving off the road causing damage to the edge of pavement, damaging irrigation heads and killing the sod.
    • Despite not owning the entrances to both communities the potholes that develop should be patched from time-to-time. The HOA has made repairs and put the costs on Brian Pinkney's account. It's a win-win because Mr. Pinkney benefits from cheap but professional repairs while complaints about the pot holes are reduced.

Long Term Projects Goals of the HOA

The following are longer term project goals:

  1. Acquire the rights-of-way at both entrances not owned by the HOA.
    • The rights-of way in front of the first three lots on Citrus Tree Lane are not owned by the HOA. The rights-of-way in front of the first four lots on Blackwater Place are not owned by the HOA. HOA should consider filing a Quiet Title lawsuit or work with the owner to acquire the rights of way so that the HOA may maintain them.
  2. Lots/home at both entrances that are not a part of the HOA (see above).
    • As these houses/lots go up for sale the HOA should approach the current homeowners and offer $500 for them to join the HOA (and legally bind the homes) when the houses change hands at time of sale. This may include a formal annexation of the the homes into the HOA by approval of Association members.
  3. Have City of Longwood replace watermains in community before next repaving.
    • Because it is inevitable that the watermains will need to be replaced this should be done prior to the HOA repaving the roads. Click HERE to see more details on the watermain issue and repaving.
  4. Landscape along southeast side bridge (next to 125 Citrus Tree Lane).
    • This area was once overgrown and an eyesore. The HOA cleaned it up and planted Asiatic Jasmine for both erosion control and maintenance free aesthetics was planted in 2016. However, during Hurricane Irma in 2017 three large tree growing along the creek bank fell over. The large root balls of the trees destroyed the irrigation and uplifted a lot of the jasmine plants and in the end the plants did not survive.