Rainwater/Mud/Silt Runoff

from Palermo Vista Construction Site and City of Longwood

into Longwood Green HOA Creek

Keith Denton
Engineering Inspections Supervisor / R.O.W. Coordinator
Seminole County Public Works Dept.
Seminole County Development Services

From: Dave Dieska [mailto:d.dieska@ieee.org]
Sent: Friday, June 13, 2014 12:46 PM
To: Denton, Keith
Cc: board@longwoodgreen.org
Subject: Palermo Vista: Mike Tower project by Oakwood Construction


My name is Dave Dieska, President of Longwood Green HOA.  We spoke this morning about the stormwater runoff problem our community is having as a result of rainwater runoff from the Palermo Vista construction site (Parcel 29-20-30-5AT-0000-0120).   I spoke with Mike Tower, owner of Oakwood Construction, on two different occasions about this problem but whatever measures he has taken or the lack thereof still results in mudflow and silt runoff into the sensitive greenbelt area of the community.  The HOA owns approximately 9 acres of greenbelt area to include a "creek" for natural drainage of water which my understanding is the beginnings of Soldier Creek.  While this area serves as a drainage area it is also a sensitive eco system and home to many wildlife species.  While contacting St. Johns River Management is an option I have decided, for now, to attempt to work through your department to get this problem resolved.

Below, I have attached links to pictures taken within our HOA owned greenbelt to illustrate the problem we are seeing.  The pictures are attached as links because the file sizes are so large as to make it difficult to email the pictures within this email.  They were taken on two different occasions, 04-15-2014 and 05-15-2014.  The pictures that appear to include a backyard were taken from my back patio area of my home located on 121 Citrus Tree Lane, Longwood, FL 32750.  You can clearly see the silt as appearing to make the water "milky" in color.  The other pictures were taken well within the interior our community at our bridge on Citrus Tree Lane.  Note that many of these pictures were taken long after the rainstorm had passed meaning the problem during the storm was much worse and hours after the storm the silt remains in the water.  This area is very prone to flooding and the HOA counts on an efficient path of drainage to prevent flooding of homes in the community.  I have noted that during the last 6+ months mud and silt is building on the west side of our bridge further restricting the flow of water.  I would ask that you contact Mike Tower and request the mudflow issues be resolved immediately and further ask that Oakwood Construction take responsibility to clean up the buildup of mud on the west side of our bridge and any other areas restricting the natural flow of water through and out of the community.

Thank you,

Dave Dieska
President, Longwood Green HOA

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On 6/18/2014 4:45 PM, Denton, Keith wrote:


We spent some time going through the woods and looking at various points of entry from Mike’s project. Although we did find evidence of erosion along the roadway which appears to have gotten into the stream, it doesn’t appear to be enough to cause the amount of turbulent water in your pictures. Upon further investigation we found much more erosion issues along 14th street in Longwood where the stream crosses. It looks as if the city is working to correct the issue by restoring the shoulder and installing curb along the road and sidewalk. We’ve spoken to Mike Towers and he has supposedly addressed his erosion issues which we will need to verify.

If you see anything else in the water please contact Scott Brooke @ 407-701-7467  so that he can come out and see where it is originating as it is happening. He is the inspector for that project.

Keith Denton

Engineering Inspections Supervisor / R.O.W. Coordinator
Seminole County Public Works Dept.

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On 4/2/2015 10:12 PM, Dave Dieska wrote:

Commissioner Weller,

Please refer to the images below for an illustrative picture of the subject issue.

This issue is in regard to a Board discussion last month about the amount of sand/silt buildup on the west side of the bridge on Citrus Tree Lane.  I spoke with Tom in City stormwater/utilities and we discussed the issue but was informed the  City does not or will not provide stormwater services to our community.  I would like to point out that every resident in our community pays a monthly stormwater fee to the City.  In addition, I would like to point out a considerable amount of sand/silt buildup can be attributed to City projects.  Specifically, the work performed last year on 14th Avenue by the City and the Palermo Vista project (within City limits but permitting by Seminole County) are the primary sources of sand/silt flowing into our green-space and accumulating on the west side of the bridge.  As you may know, the Board dealt with homeowner complaints of silt flowing into our community last year during the rainy season.

Last year I spoke with the City building department regarding the Palermo Vista project and had asked that a site inspector have the builder/contractor resolve the mud flow problems.  I was told by the City the Palermo Vista project was being handled by Seminole County but as a courtesy the City would talk to the builder about the problem.  The problem, however, continued so I contacted Seminole County about the issue.  There was some disagreement and back-n-forth finger pointing as to who was in charge of the site permits but Seminole County eventually took responsibility and sent out an inspector to investigate the issue (Palermo Vista).  Seminole County reported that most of the silt was coming from a City project on 14th Avenue but the City was aware of the problem and would take care of the issue.  The HOA waited patiently while the City worked towards completing the 14th Avenue shoulder work but I should note that silt continued to be observed in the creek.  As you know I live right on the HOA green-space and have numerous photos showing significant silt in the water flowing towards the bridge.  I would be happy to email the photos should you wish to review them.

Many homeowners in our community depend upon fast and efficient drainage of stormwater runoff as do other communities in the City.  A number of communities
contribute to rainwater runoff entering our green-space.and in many cases the City is directing stormwater into the creek which flows through our community.  Given the facts as described above I believe the Longwood Green HOA homeowners deserve a more appropriate response from the City to include taking responsibility for cleanup of the silt buildup.  I would rather not involve St. Johns River Management for a solution and seek your assistance on an alternative other than "That is private HOA property; we do not provide stormwater services to your community; your community needs to take care of the problem.".

Any assistance you can provide would be appreciated by our HOA members.

Thank you,

Dave Dieska
President, Longwood Green HOA