Seeking Volunteers

From time-to-time we will be seeking volunteers to help out on projects within the community. Check out the project(s) below by reading about them or clicking on the links provided.

  • Community Beautification Projects - There are areas within our community which are owned by the HOA that are not maintained on a regular basis because funds are not budgeted in order to keep our HOA dues low.
    • OAKS: Cleanup sign at entryway median. Pick off Spanish moss and pull out weeds in median - median is owned by Seminole County but County will only trim trees and mulch median. No other maintenance is provided by the County.
    • OAKS: Entryway brick wall area: plant flowers around entryway brick sign, replace dead foundations plants, mulch around shrubs. COMPLETED
    • GREENS: Clear up fallen trees and vine overgrowth on Lot 79 - In 2004, the series of hurricanes in our area knocked down several trees. Overtime, vines overgrew the trees and undesirable vegetation grew in the surrounding area resulting in an eyesore. Lot 79 is the second un-developed lot on the right side when entering the Greens. COMPLETED
    • GREENS: Clear up vine overgrowth on the west side of the bridge - The HOA paid to have the east side of the bridge cleared out due to the scope of work that was required. We would like to continue to clear up the west side as needed to avoid letting it get to the point where the HOA has to pay another contractor as this would increase our dues. COMPLETED
    • GREENS: Entryway area: replace dead foundations plants, mulch around shrubs, rearrange plants in median area. COMPLETED
    • GREENS: Trim up overgrowth of vines on wooded lot at the west side entrance - This involves clearing out about 10 feet of the wooded lot next to west entry of vines, debris, etc. COMPLETED
    • GREENS: Clear up fallen tree and vine overgrowth on Lot 71 - In July 2013, a vine covered tree fell on Lot 71 during a storm. COMPLETED

If you would like volunteer a few hours to help improve our community, contact the WebMaster.