Road Maintenance

This page is dedicated to issues related to maintenance of community roads which are privately owned by the HOA and therefore the responsibility of the community to maintain. Below are quotes, estimates, etc. for services such as re-sealing and re-paving.

The roads in Longwood Green were originally constructed in 1986. Eighteen years later in 2004 the roads were re-paved. In 2012, 2013, and 2014 the Board of Directors continued to monitor the conditions of the roads and sought additional information for purposes of long range forecasting for budgetary purposes.

The following notes are from the minutes of the 02-20-2014 meeting of the Board:

 Investigate Cost of Re-sealing Community Roads
  •  Community roads continue to deteriorate – weeds/grass growing in surface cracks
  •  Scott Pedersen (SP), sale representative from B&L Asphalt Sealcoating appeared at Board meeting to discuss conditions of our community roads, sealcoating process and merits of resealing roads, cost associated with it and answered questions from the Board
  • SP stated the roads in communities like LG HOA generally are expected to last 7 -15 years before significant maintenance, repair or resurfacing is required.  Our roads were last repaved in 2004 (10 years) but look much better than most roads at this age
  •  SP gave a quote of ~$16K for a Neyra Tarconite Pavement Sealer but indicated he didn’t think the conditions of our roads warranted a resealing at this time
  • Resealing using B&L process would extend the existing life of the roads 30 – 40% so assuming 8 years (first repaving occurred after 18 years) the life can be extended ~ 3 years
  • SP gave a previous estimate of ~$110K to repave our community roads.
  • SUMMARY: Roads are wearing much better than expected.  Sealcoating is not required.  Need to revisit this issue again in 5 years (year 2019)