Roof Cleaning

The Longwood Green HOA's Board mandated that all homeowners clean their roofs by March 31, 2014 to address numerous complaints about roofs covered in algae, mildew, leaves, etc. Page 2 of the Winter 2014 Community Newsletter addressed this issue and provides suggestions and guidance.

A followup email on roof cleaning provided a short list of professional roof cleaners who are giving a discount to Longwood Green residents.

If you would like to save money and are capable of getting on the roof with a pump sprayer there are a couple of good homeowner friendly roof cleaning chemicals available at your local hardware store or can be purchased on the internet. Spray & Forget and Wet & Forget are specifically formulated to gently clean your roof over several weeks to a couple of month. Generally, the cost to clean your roof using these products yourself ranges from approximately $30 to $50. If you don't feel comfortable that you can safely treat the roof yourself consider using a handyman to apply the product for you.