Lawn and Landscaping

Maintaining the appearance of your lawn and landscaping not only increases the value of your property but helps to keep our neighborhood a beautiful and desirable community to live within. The following links below are valuable for diagnosing pest and disease problems with your landscaping as well as tips to keep your yard looking great all year.

Growing a Healthy Lawn in Shaded Areas - Tips on dealing with shady areas of the lawn

Lawn Maintenance Tips - Provides tips on growing and maintaining a healthy lawn

Resodding your Lawn - Provides some basic tips on resodding a St. Augustine lawn

BLOG - Lawn and Landscaping Answers to Questions - University of Florida IFAS Extension

Florida Lawn Handbook - 3rd Edition online from the University of Florida IFAS Extension 
Nine Principles of Florida-Friendly Landscaping - Seminole County Extension Services

Living Green - Lawn Care and Irrigation from the University of Florida IFAS Extension

Florida Friendly Landscaping - The Smart Way to Grow

GardenWeb - The Internet's Largest Home and Garden Community