Construction Guidance

Construction Guidance for New Homes

The Longwood Green HOA covenant on architectural control states the explicit requirement that structures to be constructed in the community must be approved by the Archtectural Review Board (ARB) to be in "conformity and harmony" with existing structures and the surroundings.

HOA Covenant - Article VII Section 8.17 Architectural Control

"No building, fence, pool or other structure shall be erected, placed or altered on any building lot until a complete set of building plans and specification have been submitted to the Declarant, its successors and/or assigns, and the same approved in writing, evidencing that said building and/or structure complies in all respects with these restrictions, reservations and conditions and that said building or other structure is in conformity and harmony not only with respect to the topography and ground elevations but also with the architectural design of completed or proposed structure on other lots in the subdivision."

In order to facilitate faster ARB approval for proposed home construction projects the following guidelines are provided to the applicant. These guidelines were created from input from the ARB and review/approval of the Board of Directors. Consider that the guidelines can fall into categories of WANTS and MUSTS therefore negotiation on some nuances is expected. It is hoped that meeting the proposed ARB guidelines can streamline the process such that approval is met well before the 30 days allowed to approve or reject the application. Applicant shall provide or adhere to the following:

  1. A complete set of building plans per the Covenant requirements, e.g., floor plans, elevation, dimensions, site plan, driveway, walkways, etc. shall be submitted with ARB application,

  2. ARB applications for different phases shall be submitted as appropriate, e.g., main residential structure, roof shingle type/color, house colors (body, trim, doors, facia, etc.), landscape package, fence or other exterior structures, tree removal, etc.,

  3. Single story home to be a minimum square footage of 1,900 sq. ft. "living area",

  4. Elevation (facade/exterior appearance) shall be in harmony with the character of the community as "custom homes" and varied between proposed homes,

  5. With respect to plat setback requirements, the front line of homes shall be built "in-line" with existing homes, more or less,

  6. Designated drainage swales and/or other preexisting drainage structures shall be maintained and remain a permanent part of the lots (consideration will be given to relocate swales),

  7. Homes shall be constructed using appropriate water diversion as to not impact other properties including the roadways (drainage swale use is the exception),

  8. Homes that backup against industrial areas to include a 8' fence/wall near the back property line,

  9. Driveway side of home to be built away from existing homes to minimize impact to "harmony" of current homeowners. Driveways (concrete/paver) to be 18' wide minimum,

  10. Every effort should be made to preserve those tree considered desirable (oak trees). In the case of significant removal of trees is is expected a plan is put into place install several small oak trees for lots lacking any shade trees,

  11. Streets are privately owned by the HOA therefore any damage caused by contractors during the construction project shall be repaired by the builder/applicant,

  12. Trash/construction material shall be off the roads at all times, trash shall not be allowed to blow away off the property and it is appropriate that a silt screen be installed to contain dirt, mud and trash from leaving the property,

  13. Daily practice of keeping the job site tidy and free of debris/trash shall be required, a dumpster onsite my be used as a central collection point,

  14. Supervisor should be on site or contact information such a phone number to make contact shall be provided in case of issues/emergency,

  15. Dust control as needed should be utilized to minimize impact to existing homes,

  16. Construction workers shall not make contact with or bother homeowners without good cause,

  17. Landscape irrigation should be installed to maintain the new lawn/landscaping,

  18. Sodding of lawns is required (Seville St. Augustine grass is preferred), no Bahia grass,

  19. Contractors shall not park vehicles in front of existing homes nor vacant lots not owned by the builder; roads shall not be blocked to traffic,

  20. Contractor is responsible for providing adequate facilities such as Porta-Potty, use of any other area of the community for personal relief is strictly forbidden,

  21. City mandated construction hours of between 7:00 am and 6:00 pm Monday through Friday and Saturdays 8:00 am to 5:00 pm shall be strictly enforced,

  22. Structures on the platted lot(s) not associated with the ARB application(s) be moved/removed, e.g., junk, discarded concrete, chain link fence, etc.